Destination United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consists of 11 regions: 10 on the mainland with Scotland in the north, North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, Wales, West Midlands, East, South East, South West and last, but certainly not least ... London. The Northern Ireland region exists off the west of the UK mainland.


North East Yorkshire and the Humber East Midlands West Midlands Wales London South West South East East North West Northern Ireland Scotland

From Munich, it has been relatively easy getting to London (with 3 airports operated by a myriad of airlines, both of the mainstream variety as well as the no-frill budget variety. Airfares range from 65 GBP through to many hundreds of GBP, depending on your personal preference.

Since the Nine-Eleven incident and the UK's support towards the global fight against terrorism, Heathrow Airport has been considered one of the most targeted airports although New Scotland Yard, the policing agency for the UK has been successful in foiling attempts by terrorists. Be that as it may, the threat still exists and as a resut, security is somewhat tighter here then that compared to other countries.

However, having said all this ... there is a one hour time difference between Munich and the UK, giving us the advantage of an extra hour's when flying to the UK. In general, the mode of life in the UK is somewhat similar to that of our homes in Australia and Malaysa, albeit much more expensive.


May 2009