Wawoojeongsa Temple
May 1st, 2006

The image to the left is that of the largest Buddha head statue in the world.  Situated in the Gyeonggi province, the Wawoojeongsa temple where this bronze statue is located can be easily reached by car approximately 70 km from home in Seoul.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, after hosting visitors (relatives and friends) in Korea for the last 3 years, we were fast tired of visiting the normal tourist traps.  This visit to the Wawooojeongsa made the trip interesting (for us anyway) because it is the first time that we've been here.

For those who want to travel to this temple in the near future: The trip took us south on the Gyeongbu Expressway (National Highway 1), then turn eastwards onto the Yeongdong Expressway (East-West National highway 50), exiting on the Yongin interchange.  Head south along National Road 45 for about 1.2 km, before turning eastwards again onto Local Road 57 - directions to the Wawoojeongsa should then be very clear.

With so many statuettes of Buddha's all over the temple grounds, this place looked more like a museum than a temple.  We understood that in one location, there was a series of 5 bronze buddha statues, weighing more than 50,000 tons each.  The largest timber sleeping Buddha is also found here.  It is made from Indonesian Juniper timber.

On a different but coarser note, the Yellow Dust storm have been wielding havoc all over Korea with dust levels reaching the mid 300 g/m, way past the SEVERE level as defined by the US Military.  Breathing has been a challenge and its imperative for the elderly, weak and. children to remain indoors, avoid physical activities, avoid wearing contact lenses, drinks lots of water and stay humid.

Keep well ! ....  Jeanette and Raymond Han


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