Desenzano, Lake Garda


Fantastic views offered in Desenzano from the man made lagoon
 to the hillside where a Church sits.

The drive from Milan to Lake Garda was approximately 145km on a pleasant Saturday morning. We noted the town of Bergamo nestled on the hillside beside the motorway offering quite a spectacular sight but our destination is the town of Desenzano on Lake Garda.

With speed limits posted at 110 kmh, most cars were travelling at 135 kmh with a couple doing 150 kmh. I guess the Italians didn’t respect these rules very much – noting that the Italians do make fast luxurious cars like Ferari, Lamborghini and Maserati to help break them. Road courtesy, seen in its abundance in Germany somewhat dissapears here is hardly “hooligan”. It was a very enjoyable drive indeed.

Desenzano, is a very pretty little Italian holiday town on Lake Garda. It seemed quite obvious to me, with the many expensive yatches that are moored in the harbour that a sizable proportion of Desenzano are not locals, but come from larger cities around Italy. Unlike Germany, Italy enjoys a large seaward coastline. Beyond watersports, the Lake Garda region also has Gardaland and a Movie World to offer guests holidaying in the region. In Desenzano, views are in its abundance of the lakes, water sports, locals fishing and a really beautifully manicured town.


We only had enough time to enjoy their Sunday Market at the esplanade and some lunch at a local café. Lunch was a salad and Bruschetto washed down with some water and Chinotto. Jeanette and her mum had a Buschetto made from Puschetto Crudo and Olives while I had spiced Salami and Anchovies in mine. It was served on the terrace of a restaurant with Jeanette enjoying herself on a shaded swing The terrace was beside a canal, where some boats were moored and also offers a nice hillside view of Italian homes and a church up top.  After a while, mum got "swing sick" - not being able to swing and eat at the same time, like Jeanette.

We were ready to say goodbye to Desenzano after 3 hours with the solemn wish to be back here on a rest and relaxation visit.  Our next stop, Verona!


Enjoying a scrumptious bruschetta lunch on a swing
in Desenzano

Jeanette and Raymond
26th May, 2007

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