Spain is the third largest country in Europe with France in its north, Portugal its west and the African continent in the south, right across the Mediterranean Sea. Next to Chinese and English, Spanish is perhaps one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Ourside of Spain, the Spanish language is official in all of Latin America and the Philippines. It goes without saying that at one stage in history, Spain has been a nation of explorers.

Spain is well known also as the nation that won the Football World Cup 2010, sending Germany to fight for third place in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, they were also known in Europe for their fledging economy, in the verge of a rescue package, as with Greece.

Spanish icons have been bull fights, flamenco dancing, the humble paella and of course the Real Madrid football team. Bull fights were commonplace to honour the mighty matador against the raw power of a bull in a ring witnessed by hundreds. It was unlikely that bulls emerged victorious in these fights. In modern times where animal cruelty plays a role not only in the courts but in the conscience of the modern people, bull fights played a lesser role.

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