Some 110 km east of Munich lies a little town called Burghausen on the river Salzach.  The Salzach marks the border between Germany and Austria.  Most of the drive was done on German Autobahn's without speed limits (although we would not drive past 210 kph as the fuel consumption of the vehicle would be unreasonably high), although the ocassional slow down to 50kph passing some quaint German towns presents us with a welcoming change of scenery.

The town appears to be almost engulfed by the Salzach river, which forms a billabong around it.  Upon arriving in the middle of the city, we walked towards a couple of old churches but were able to only admire them from the outside as they were closed.  Lunch of "Tomato Mozzarella" soup with a Ham Cheese sandwich was very pleasant in a café overlooking the Salzach river onto the little town of Ach, which belongs to the Republic of Austria.  It was a very pleasant experience sitting by the fast flowing lime coloured river - the discolourisation brought on by heavy sodium in the salt and copper deposits in the river.

Sitting by the church in Burghausen Castle

"Burg Burghausen" or the Burghausen Castle is 1,043 metres long and is the longest castle in Europe.  We must have only walked 400 metres of the castle, which is pitched on high grounds overlooking Burghausen town.  There were private dwellings inside the castle - we know that from the large numbers of private cars and garages all around the inside of the castle plus electronic doorbells near the front doors.  It must be really annoying seeing hoards of visitors  coming each day and especially each weekend to your front road.

From the castle, you are able to see various gun turrets, obviously to protect the castle in the time gone by.  Today, the turrets offer a picturesque view of Burghausen town and the land and valleys which surround it.  Within the grounds, we were told that there were several museums - a photography museum, a torture museum and a witches museum.  Wow!  As the long walk to these museum would be hard going for Jeanette's mum, who is visiting from Malaysia we decided to simply enjoy the scenery and environment and leave the walking for our next destination, Salzburg city which is a 50km drive away.

Don't forget to look out for the next newsletter on Salzburg and the fantastic pictures which we managed to take!


Jeanette and Raymond
May 13th, 2007

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