Jeanette stands behind a Buddy Bear - a creation of a Berlin resident designed to carry the message that humankind must live together in harmony and peace.  These bears, bearing different designs and colours can be found all over Berlin.  Popular Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan became fascinated with the bears when he was in Berlin during the filming of the movie "Around the World in 80 days".  He became the sponsor of The United Buddy Bears in Hong Kong.

Apart from Buddy Bears, Berlin is also famous for its museums.  The most famous, but rather surprising at first is The Egyptian Museum.  Within this museum, the image of Queen Nofretitus is perfectly restored.

Right opposite the entrance of the Charlottenberg Castle are two museums - the Berggruen museum which holds artwork from famous painters such as Pablo Picasso.  We must admit that it takes a bit of getting used to the expressions from Pablo Picasso, although we thoroughly enjoyed his work from earlier times

Queen Nofretitis was the major attraction at the Egyptian Museum which is also right opposite the Charlottenburg Castle.  The Egyptian is perhaps our most favourite museum as it holds artefacts of an ancient civilisation.

 If you care to examine the image on the left of the Queen, you will note that through the hundreds of years of preservation, there are no visible signs of cracking of decolourisation.  This gives you some idea of the kind of technology and understanding of preservation the ancient Egyptians possess in order to preserve the image so well.

In any case, things start to get eerie when the exhibition turned dark to enhance the experience of the mummy's tomb/coffin and a Sarcophagus.  All in all, the things you see in the Egyptian Museum is really interesting as it tells you a lot about the way of life of these people in former times.

There are a lot more museums in Berlin, a lot more museums than we have had time to visit - 32 museums with much more to come in 2004 !

Basically, apart from the museums, there's the palaces, gardens, shopping districts/centres, Jewish History, Historical buildings and lots more to visit.  The slideshow below gives you a very good idea on what there we saw... enjoy !

We soon discovered however, that there's this satellite city of Berlin called Potsdam where among other things, there the Sanssouci Gardens and Palace...


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