Berlin is the capital of Germany and is located on the north east side of Germany.  Prior to the reunification of Germany, she was divided by the Berlin Wall.  We found Berlin to be a beautiful city with a lot of sights in the form of castles, museums, monuments,  shopping centres, galleries and people.  The city is not short of modern architectures, some of which have been enclosed within older, more historical architectures (to this I am referring to the Reichstag, the German Parliament).

Today, the Berlin Wall is nothing more than the Brandenburg Gate (pictured above) and a few pieces of wall strategically placed where it used to be.  Before visiting the wall, or at least where the wall used to be, it has been a common misconception that the wall is a single upright concrete structure following a straight path which has been erected virtually overnight. 


Jeanette standing next to the a piece of the Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz.

 However, now we know that the wall didn't follow a straight path but followed geographical and demarcated contours.  In some places where there are no natural obstacles for escape, two parallel walls are built.  Fierce guard dogs are let loose within these spaces.  Finally, as we understand it , the wall was erected virtually overnight.

Side view of the Berlin Wall.
Nothing really unexpected - it's all concrete.  This picture is the reverse side of the one Jeanette is standing next to in the picture on the left.

The area where the pictures above were taken is called Potsdamer Platz, the newly completed development project in Berlin.  We understand that 1 billion Euro was spent on the project - which has resulted in a large entertainment area cum transport hub.  The entertainment area consist of irestaurants - indoor and outdoor - with large video screens where guests may enjoy the presentation as well as their meal, several cinemas, and the world famous Sony Centre.  Sony's 5 storey complex is their largest in the world.  The entertainment complex has a bistro like atmosphere which unlike normal bistros, have a covered ceiling in the shape of a Mount Fujiyama of Japan, in glass.  The image on the right is how the glass Mount Fujiyama looks like from the inside.

Right adjacent to the Sony Centre Entertainment Complex is the Arcadien, which in itself is another fantastic place to spend some time in.  Price Waterhouse Coopers (pictured on the left) have set up their corporate offices in this block of buildings as well - as this part of town which bad a pretty bleek outliook more than 10 years ago transform itself over the short period of time.


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