Destination Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the country which is located on Germany's South Eastern Corner.. It has Germany to its west, Poland on the North East, Slovakia to its South East and Austria in its Southern borders. The capital Prague is approximately 4 hours away from Munich by car but many rental car companies still forbid their assets being driven into the Czech Republic.

Prague is the capital of the country and in 2009, the Czech Republic takes its turn being the EU President.


Our travels have been so far restricted to the western half of the country, where we have seen remarkable improvements in the qualitfy of its highways over the last 3 years (since 2006). Several cities do have listings in the UNESCO World Heritage for their historical ramifications. The country is also known for its spa towns; Karlovy Vary being one of the more famous ones.


December 2006
February 2009

Kutna Hora

October 2007

Cesky Krumlov

August 2009

Images of Cesky Krumlov