Destination Belgium

Belgium is the country which is located on Germany's north western border.. It is however, separated in some places from Germany via a thin strip of land that is part of The Netherlands. Being a small country (by comparison to Germany and France, for instance), one can drive from its northern border to the south in a matter of a few hours.

Famous for its cartoons, beer, chocolates, waffles and the shephard (dog), our visit to Belgium has been entertaining and rather educational. Whilst French is widely spoken in the capital Belgium, Flemish (Dutch) is also a widely used langauge along with German to the east of the region and English, of course.

Whilst our travels have been restricted to the Flanders region of Belgium, it is not hard to imagine that the Wallonia (southern) part of the region is just as pretty. With several UNESCO World Heritage listed sites in Belgium, it was important for us to check out the sites in Brussels, Gent and in Antwerp prior to any other Belgian city, at least in the first visit.

The drive from our home in Munich to the Belgian border took us through the German cities of Frankfurt, Aachen (bypassing Cologne) through the Dutch border and then directly to the city of Belgium. Thanks to the Schengen Treaty, no border controls were enforced at the German, Dutch or Belgian border... but passports were within handy reach anyway.



Story of Antwerp

October 2007

October 2007