Destination Austria

Austria is the closest "foreign"country to Munich, with Salzburg about 140km or just under 1 hour away on the German autobahn. Easily the most visited foreign city by us, Austria also provides many other attractions as we've come to learn from our friends during our stay in Europe. Being part of the EU with the shengan treaty, the currency is also the Euro (€) and a passport is not necessary for entry into Austria (although its a very good idea to carry yours when you do travel between EU countries).

Austria, among other things provided the world with the famous Vienna Schnitzel, Vienna Coffee, Vienna Cream, fabulous ski-fields, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Sound of Music and the Austrian Alps. Read more as we discover what this fabolous country has to offer..


Story of Vienna

September 2007

Grossglockner Hohealpenstrasse