The city of Salzburg in Austria is approximately 150km east of Munich is connected via a German autobahn, making driving from Munich to Austria to really quick and scenic ride.  We came to Salzburg from Burghausen, on the banks of the Salzach river.  This river contnues its way to Salzburg, 50km away. “Salz” is German and means simply “salt”, “Burg” means “castle” and the compound noun of “saltcastle” refers to the city’s historic significance in alpine salt-trade along the Salzach River Valley towards southern Germany and Bavaria.

Salzburg is also famous as the city where some parts of "The Sound of Music" was filmed back in 1965.  I am not sure how many "Sound of Music" movies were made but this was the one starring Julie Andrews in the lead role and Christopher Plumber.  In fact, you are still able to take "The Sound of Music" tours which lead you to the churches, mansions, parks and streets where the different parts of the music was filmed.  In the 5 short hours that we spent in Salzburg, we didn't to see too much of "The Sound of Music" shooting locations.

The city is also famous for being the birthplace of musician Wolfgang Amadeus Morzart.  Being an Alpine city, you will clearly see the the Austrian Alps nearby as well as Festung Hohensalzburg, the High Salzburg Castle, a huge fortification which can be seen from most parts in the city.

Getting up to Festung Hohensalzburg is an interesting experience best left for some other time to explain.

Perched on top of the moutain is Hoehensalzburg

Getreidegasse, main shopping street of Salzburg

Venturing in the city, we spent our time walking the shopping streets of Salzburg watching at how the locals spend their weekend.  The many bistro style restaurants and cafés in the major shopping street named Getreidegasse.  The many gilt and wrought iron signposts line the medieval looking street, which although quaint, is really a fun place to be in.  Perhaps, the most famous building on Getriedegasse is the Mozart Geburtzhaus (Mozart's birthhome), coloured in bright yellow.

One of the more famous sights in the city is the Pfendeschwemme (Horse Pond) where horses belonging to the archbishop were washed.  Today, this is just another monument on the side of the street which give you a small impression of life during Salzburg's heyday.

We spent some time at the Mirabellgarten (Mirabell Gardens) where a fountain and small but pretty array of flowers and statues line the park, which are enjoyed by many.  A barque museum and a small hedge theater can also be seen, assumingly to put on performances when the weather and season is right.  The Mirabell Castle sits nearby with a Marble Hall which becomes a venue for newlywed photoshoots.  With the very pleasant 22ºC temperature, we spent time sitting on the park benches just absorbing in the serene atmosphere of the place.

The highlight of this trip was to enjoy the world renowned "Sacher Torte" chocolate cake on the famous Café Sacher, against the Salzach river.  Hotel Sacher, the parent to Café Sacher is the Waldorf Astoria of Austria.  It's flagship hotel is in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.  Of course, when at the Café Sacher, one can not go past the Sacher Heißeshokolade (Sacher Hot Chocolate)... yummy!

In any case, we found out that you can actually mail order the Sacher Torte and have it sent all over the world.  The cake does not need to be stored in a refridgerator and can be kept for long (up to 6 months) periods of time.

Your Sacher Tortes are being served madam.

With the limited time Jeanette's mum has in Germany, we can only give her a small flavour of Salzburg.  There is a whole wealth of galleries, churches, sidewalks, streets, museums, castles, breweries and other sights to see in Salzburg.

Jeanette and Raymond
May 13th, 2007

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